Thursday, May 21, 2009

Living the surf culture

If any long time surfers were to read this they would probably be cringing at the thought of me encouraging more people to invade their local break. Some groups of surfers and usually most locals don't like the fact that more and more people are heading to the beach and paddling out in the hope of becoming the next Kelly Slater. Not only do they clutter up the waves they also mean more traffic and rubbish for the region. 
On some respect I feel that they have the right to be pissed off... You can drive all the way to the coast only to find that there is 20 wona be surfers all sitting on the one bank getting in each others way and if you sit back watching you will see that only about half of them are actually catching waves.

I enjoy the culture that surfing has developed with in my family, myself and my two kids (one 11, one 9) all frequently spend many days at the beach learning and surfing together. This is something I treasure and I take pride in being a part of my children's development, not only are they becoming very confident in the water they are both learning about the effects of mother nature and how all the combined elements of our planet play their part in creating the perfect waves (or not)...This kind of learning and knowledge is helping them build a healthy understanding of the way things work on a global level.

As with everything in life I do believe in "give & take". 

If you do find yourself sitting out the back of a beach break some where and your surrounded by local surfers "give" them respect. This is their surf spot and have probably been carving waves here for a long time and in some cases their whole lives. You will usually find that if you stay out of their way when your in the water there is more of a chance they may "take" the time to talk to you and possibly give you advice or encouragement. 

Surfing etiquette is not hard to learn as it is all based upon your manners and respect for the locals and their beach.


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